Jessica Ann Hicks
Jessica Ann Hicks
9/28/96 ~ 10/31/99
Jessica Ann Hicks Foundation, Inc.

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The Jessica Ann Hicks Foundation, Inc., understands the emotions involved in fighting for your child's life. Please know that it is our sincere desire to help every family in any way that we can. We will answer all requests for assistance, and evaluate grant applications on a monthly basis. The Jessica Ann Hicks Foundation, Inc makes no claims, promises or guarantees that we will be able to provide assistance to you, your family, or your organization. At this time we do not accept any applications from non-US citizens or organizations, or from US citizens who may have bank accounts outside of the United States of America. The information on this website should not be substituted for proper medical advice. The information posted is subject to change at any time. The user of this website is encouraged to contact a competent physician to obtain accurate and current information.
Jessica Ann Hicks
Foundation, Inc.

PO Box 330
Picture Rocks, PA 17762

Phone: (570) 584-0160
Fax: (570) 584-2004

Because of unscrupulous people using email spiders, a program that hackers use to harvest valid email addresses from web pages, and because these spiders have compromised our email page by sending out mass emails using our address, we've had to resort to a simple means of contacting us.

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