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Poem #1

Tribute to our Angel Jessica


EIGHT MONTHS old you came to us
A vision of pink with big blue eyes
How I loved to play with you
while mother took her bath
Winnie the Pooh and Barney too
I was so pleased you thought
of me as a grandmother
You slept in a big bed with
your least 6 pillows
surrounded you and mom for
your safetyand comfort.

Then you were TWO
You are walking. How precious
you looked in that lime green top
with pink bottoms and matching
lime green shoes. Smiling at nurses
Saying "Ellie" look
The cat slippers that meo-owed. We would
look at the cat picture on the hospital wall.
You would say "Cat"

Now you are THREE
So ill but your spirit and who you are
so beautiful and strong
Making coffee each morning with
your mom, I would ask "Are you
going to drink it?" That special impish
smile as you looked at your mom.
Any question asked, you looked at your mom
for her approval ... then you would answer or show me whatever it was.
I will always remember that look
Drawing pictures for the nurses that cared for you.
Mine on the refrigerator
Sparkles on your face and bed from
art work. Finger nail polish fun
All girl ALL the time
Before we left for ICU, you were
watching Barney and talking
So beautiful as mom was in the ICU bed with you and holding you.
Dad and grandparents and family and loved ones at your side.
Loving you, Ryan was there also. How you loved your brother.
Your mom saying how sorry she was for all that you
had been through. So much LOVE surrounding you.

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